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Shakespeares The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet - 559 Words

Romeo and Juliet What is fate? William Shakespeare teaches us about love and proves the existence of fate in his play Romeo and Juliet when the paths of two young people from two different worlds are inevitably crossed. Both families are driven by hatred, but their children’s fates are intertwined from birth creating their forbidden love which is destined for destruction. From the chance meeting between a Capulet and a Montague in Italy during the Renaissance to Romeo’s future in which his dreams happen, fate also encourages Romeo’s exile and an urgent message to not be delivered. The play’s famed prologue indicates their romance are doomed right from the beginning. Completely by chance on the street of Verona, Capulet’s illiterate servant searches for someone who can read the guest list to him but meets his master’s enemy son, Romeo. Even though the servant doesn’t know Romeo is a Montague, he invites him to the ball that night: †Å"Now I’ll tell you without asking. My master is the / great rich Capulet, and if you be not of the house of / Montagues, I pray come and crush a cup of wine† (1.2 83-85). Only fate allows young Romeo to trespass into the Capulet’s household and meet his fated Juliet. However, Romeo does not want to go to the ball for he is still very infatuated with Roseline. Fate gives Romeo a glimpse of the near, unfortunate future, and his dreams evolve to become reality. Although Mercutio says that dreams lie, Romeo has a dream the night before party:Show MoreRelatedTransformation of Juliet in Shakespeares The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet976 Words   |  4 Pages  Ã‚   In William Shakespeares The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, love transforms Juliet. Early in the play, Juliet is a young girl who is very faithful to her family. After this young girl meets Romeo Montague, she begins to change. By the end of the play, Juliet is changed into a woman who is now very faithful to her husband, instead of her family. In the beginning of the play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet when Juliet is first introduced, she is introduced as a young girl who is very faithfulRead MoreSense of Tragedy and Foreboding in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet1640 Words   |  7 PagesSense of Tragedy and Foreboding in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet In the play, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare creates an impending sense of tragedy and foreboding. He uses a variety of devices to provoke this, such as themes, language and tone. To begin the sense of tragedy and foreboding he introduces characters caught in a sensitive conflict. The audience of the performance are very aw are that the genre of the play is a tragedy; therefore they have expectations for Read MoreEssay on Impulsiveness in Shakespeare’s Tragedy Romeo and Juliet746 Words   |  3 Pages Reckless actions lead to untimely deaths. In Shakespeare’s tragedy â€Å"Romeo and Juliet†, both protagonists fight for their hopeless love. Bloodshed and chaos appear inevitable in fair Verona; Romeo and Juliet come from enemy households, the Montegues and the Capulets, who have sworn to defeat one another. The young and handsome Romeo weeps over his unrequited love for Rosaline, until he lays his eyes on Juliet. Strong and independent, Juliet seeks to escape her family’s will to marry her off to ParisRead MoreLove, Lust, and Tragedy in William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet1768 Words   |  8 Pageswill of any man and woman alike. Lust is power, it is passion, and it can motivate. One thing love and lust has in common: they have the ability to kill. Thus tragedy strikes a wary, yet inevitable, sentiment every person experiences at least once in their lifet ime. Love in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Everybody knows Romeo and Juliet are supposedly in love; many think otherwise. For example, this love story is a romance, a love on a path with death. Ever heard of Bonnie and Clyde, CleopatraRead MoreElements of Aristotelian Tragedy Depicted in Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet 1662 Words   |  7 PagesAristotelian tragedy includes many different characteristics. It is a cause-and-effect chain and it contains the elements of catharsis, which is pity and fear, and hamartia, which is the tragic flaw embedded in the main characters. The famous play Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare, is about two lovers of two different families who hate each other and the misdemeanors they have to surpass. Many debate on whether it is an Aristotelian tragedy or simply tragic. Shakespeare’s Romeo and JulietRead MoreThe Causes Behind the Tragedy of William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet3045 Words   |  13 PagesBehind the Tragedy of William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story written by William Shakespeare. The play is based around two lovers, who commit suicide when their feuding families prevent them from being together, set in Verona, in northern Italy. The play is generally involving love and family honour, in the days when the play was written, parents expected to be obeyed-they even decided who their children should marry. Romeo and JulietRead More The Role of Fate in William Shakespeares The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet2378 Words   |  10 PagesThe Role of Fate in William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet, the first romantic tragedy was based on a poem translated from the French Novella (1595). Romeo Montague, who is in love with Rosaline, goes to a party in an attempt to take his mind off her. At this party he meets Juliet Capulet and immediately falls in love with her. Later he finds out that she is a Capulet, the rival family of the Montagues. He decides that he loves her in spite ofRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet centers around two star-crossed lovers from feuding600 Words   |  3 PagesWilliam Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet centers around two star-crossed lovers from feuding families whose forbidden love eventually leads to their own demise. Sadly, Romeo and Juliet’s death could have been avoided, but it is hard to tell who is to blame for these young lover’s deaths. Throughout the play, several characters are at fault, some more than others. While many characters contribute to these tragic events, Romeo is most to blame for his death and the death of his beloved Juliet. Read MoreShakespeares Romeo and Juliet and Baz Luhrmanns Romeo + Juliet 1154 Words   |  5 PagesWilliam Shakespeares The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, set in 16th century Verona, Italy shares differences with Baz Luhrmanns Romeo + Juliet, set in modern day Verona Beach. These stories contain the same characters and conflict, however major and minor discrepancies are galore in the story lines of both formats of William Shakespeares creation. Some major inconsistencies occur, such as Mercutio dying at a beach, portrayed as a hero, instead of being at a bar, looking like a fool, Friar LawrencesRead MoreRomeo and Juliet a True Aristotelean Tragedy Essay1007 Words   |  5 PagesRomeo and Juliet a True Aristotelean Tragedy Aristotle defines a tragedy as â€Å"an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude†. However, it is his claim that a story must contain six parts in order to be a tragedy that causes much controversy. Many critics argue that William Shakespeare does not follow the guidelines for a tragic story in his famous piece Romeo and Juliet. Their main argument is with the way he presents his tragic elements. But as Lois Kerschen says

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