Friday, March 13, 2020

Bullying Among Teenagers Essays

Bullying Among Teenagers Essays Bullying Among Teenagers Essay Bullying Among Teenagers Essay Essay Topic: Cyber Bullying Bullying has gone on for so long, and it is not just children bullying other children to the point they want to take measures into their own hands. Teachers and staff at school whom children should be able to go through for help is also bullying, sadly these people know they can get away with it so they aren’t stopping the violence before it’s too late, therefore kids are taking actions into their own hand and causing violence by shooting innocent students and staff just to try and get their points across. Bullying statistics: (www. pascack. k12. nj. us/bullyingstatistics. htm) 46% of males and 26% of females reported they had been in physical fights. When children are bullied at school they generally use violence as the retaliation because they know that is going to be one thing that they are in control over rather than just trying to get the bullies to stop what they are doing when the child goes to the adult they are usually told â€Å"we will keep an eye on the situation†. Bullying isn’t just stopping with kids it is also happening with adults, and what I mean by this is when children go to the adults because they are being bullied they are expecting the adult to take charge and take action about the situation that is at hand, however in many more cases the teacher, parents, or staff member is getting together with the other bullying child’s parents and wanting to take action, however when the kids find out what happened then the bullying does go farther and the child is made fun of even more. There were over 20 reported deaths between the year 2005-2006 of not only students but also adults that were killed or committed suicide as the result of a student that was the victim of school bullying (www. schoolsecurity. org). These are not just happening in one area or state they are happening everywhere kids are being made fun of because of what color their skin is, or what kind of clothes they wear, because they wear glasses, what kind of house they live in. Bullies use whatever leverage they can possibly think of, they aren’t thinking about the fact that it hurts more than just the person they are using as the target, and since bullies know that, they feed off things like this and makes them feel more of the power. So many people always use the term â€Å"profile†, they will use really bad stereo types to judge other students, teacher, staff members, and sadly other family members, they will say the person looks â€Å"Goth†, or they will look at the â€Å"science nerd†, or even the â€Å"book worm†, as people that may cause harm to other people. Generally the first thought is that person isn’t involved in sports, and other â€Å"jock and preppy† things involved with the school, or with the local community, however the kid who is from the â€Å"church† home is always the last one to even be thought about, because he/she is such a good kid and would never do anything like that. However sadly kids that you would think would be the last to ever commit a crime like that and do harm to other people are generally the most guilty, maybe of not actually performing the crime, but generally of planning and rearranging the crime. www. msnbc. msn. com) (www. makeadifferencefor kids. org/cyberbullying. html) Cyber bullying is something that happens online and through general text message, there are things like: Email, Instant Messages, Text Messages or IM, Social Networking sites, web pages, blogs, Chat Rooms, and Interactive game sites Unfortunately cyber bullying can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone 24 hours a d ay, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Generally the only way to stop a cyber bully is not to feed into their game, do not try to confront them by trying to make friends about what is going on, but to honestly block them away from anything that has to do with you, whether it’s deleting them from a social site and blocking them so they aren’t able to get to you, and if it comes down to messaging then save all your messages that are threatening and get a restraining order or no contact order, show them you mean business, and that you are not going to back down, because they are trying to hit your weakest point and make you feel like you can’t do anything to defend yourself. Put yourself in complete control and do not give up. That is the last thing a bully wants to see is someone standing up to them and defending them self. Approximately 30% of teens in the U. S. (over 5. 7 million) are generally to be involved either as the bully or the target of the bully or both, in recent surveys students in grade 6th-10th, 13% reported bullying others, 11% were the target of the bully, 6% said not only were they bullied but they also bullied others. More frequently school bullying occurs among boys rather than girls in most cases boys are likely to be hit, slapped or even pushed. Teenage girls are usually the target of rumors and sexual comments. Teen bullying can lead both male and females to feel anxious, tense, and afraid to go anywhere or do anything and gets to the point they are afraid to answer their own phone. When a child is bullied this can affect how they perform at school by affecting their grades and their concentration. Particularly teen boys who bully are more likely to commit other serious crimes such as vandalism, shoplifting, truancy, and drug use in their adulthood. They are four times more likely than non0bullies to be convicted of crimes by 24 years of age. The top five states to live in for students are bullied the most by other students and staff members are: California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Washington. According to the Baltimore Sun, approximately 3. 4 students drop out in an average year(2007-2008) because of cyber bullying this is just not happening on computers, this is also going on through text messages, kids are being threatened to get beat up if they do not do someone’s homework, or give them their lunch money. (americaschoice. rg) Unfortunately school bullying is never going to come to an absolute end, we will always have the children that are always going to think they are better than other kids, students that are always going to have the unsecure parts of their life where they think bullying other students whether it be in person, through someone else or through cyber bullying, which is becoming very regula r in a lot of school because of cell phones and instant messaging systems, no matter how hard parents and other school officials try this is going to an ongoing problem, that someone people hope it does eventually finally come to an end, but not likely.